At MCOE you can go to the next level

Are you looking for (a) space to grow or to start then Maastricht Center of Excellence is the right place for you.

Your company, meeting, training or presentation is defined by so much more than just the location. You will immediately see how our team of professionals will work alongside you to take everything to the next level.

For both startups and entrepreneurs who have been traveling for a while, MCOE offers workspaces with mentorship and meeting rooms including video / production space.

And all of that at the heart of Maastricht, in the former craft building at Sint Maartenslaan.

Work and hold meetings from a unique location. The Craft School on Sint Maartenslaan was opened on April 29, 1912. In 1951 the name changed to the Technical School. The name was eventually changed in 1968 to the Secondary Technical School (MTS). Nowadays a large part of the building is being operated by Euroscoop and on the first floor you can find the MCOE reception. All of our professional facilities are located in this unique and inspiring environment.

About the location from 1912 to 2020

MCOE Services

Our Workspaces

Doing a good job begins with a professional workspace. Of course there are free alternatives such as your local cafe with WiFi or the library, but these facilities are not ideal for daily use. MCOE is not busy cramming as many people as possible into one place, or earning money from renting a meeting room. We aim for the growth of every entrepreneur with a good balance between space and occupation.


Maastricht is a city that is bursting with creativity, good ideas and Limburg hospitality. You feel it at our location, you experience it through our people. You get the best of everything, as you would expect from the Maastricht Center of Excellence.

Do you see yourself getting started here? Do not hesitate and press the button below.

Facilities and events

In addition to network events, we also offer video production options. This allows our tenants to perform optimally.

Video/Photo Studio

photo studio

Do you want an interview, video blog, cast your own YouTube channel, professional photos for your webshop or prototype? The video production areas are classified based on your needs.

Business Events

business event

Maastricht Center Of Excellence is equipped with spacious facilities, of course workspaces with WiFi and shared meeting rooms with projectors.

Because of the common spaces and periodic business events there is a lot of interaction between the participants. Allowing great opportunity for networking and spreading your influence.


We stand for progress and want to see our participants grow. This is achieved by offering mentorship to both startups and entrepreneurs. Every month, weekly or daily, depending on the need, the following goal is determined by means of pomodore sessions and the required knowledge and / or acquaintances are shared. In addition to the freedom to inspire each other, knowledge is shared at a high business level where collaboration is central.

What can you expect from our mentors

Our mentors are all experienced entrepreneurs who, in addition to theoretical knowledge and practical experience, have an extensive network to take you that little bit further.

Below some of the questions that have been asked several times and have been satisfactorily answered by our mentors:

  • When and how should I set up a BV, VoF, Ltd, or holding structure?
  • Can you introduce me to the director of that company?
  • How do I hire people or should I fire people? Who does or how do I do my administration myself?
  • Who helps me with my liquidity forecast?
  • Do you have an investor for us?
  • Why is an MVP so important?
  • What about IT, VAT, VPB?
  • Must, can I take out insurance?
  • What is a lean startup anyway?
  • What are the grant options?
  • Do I have to start building up a pension
    already? What are pomodore sessions?
  • Can I borrow money somewhere?
  • How do I get programmers?
  • Can you help me with my patent
  • Why is it better to draw up a
    Business Canvas than a business plan?
  • Why is good sound so important with a
    video blog?

Great netwerk

Get more insight and possibly more assignments and expand your business network with the help of our mentors knowledge and knowledge of all participants at MCOE.

Our offer!

At the moment you can make use of MCOE’s mentors and networking options starting from 50 euros per month.

If you want a permanent or flexible workplace including mentoring in the MCOE, you can do that from as little as 125 Euros per month.

Our subscriptions have a minimum contract duration of 1 month, and can be canceled monthly. Are you interested in becoming a tenant? Send us a request, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, I am interested!

Our Location

Sint Maartenslaan 26,
6221 AX, Maastricht

Opening Hours:
24/7 access for fixed desk member.
Monday – Sunday from 08.00 till 18.00 for flex desk member.

+31 (0)43 234 0155


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Are you interested in becoming a tenant? Send us a request, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.